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We are making every effort to provide excellent and safe medicines and medical supplies to consumers with our best animal laboratory and the latest facilities in Korea.
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Infrared Spectrophotometer

Equipment that performs qualitative or quantitative analysis using a spectrum obtained by irradiating infrared rays on a sample and measuring the amount absorbed by the sample.

Inductively Coupled Plasm (ICP) Spectrometer

Analytical equipment for metal impurity

Automated Dissolution System

Equipment to test the dissolution of oral preparations

Total Organic Carbon Meter

Analytical equipment that measures organic matters in water as the total amount of organic carbon (carbon amount)

High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC)

An instrument that analyzes a sample using liquid as a mobile phase

Gas Chromatography (GC)

An instrument that analyzes a sample using gas as a mobile phase

Clean Bench

Equipment for testing in a sterile workspace during microbial testing


Equipment for culturing microorganisms at a constant temperature

High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Equipment for sterilizing an apparatus or goods used for a high-pressure steam test

Endotoxin Testing Equipment

Equipment that quantifies the amount of endotoxin by changing turbidity and color by reacting endotoxin with a reagent