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Corporate Culture

Culture of Mutual Respect through elimination of job titles

A flexible naming system eliminating job titles for horizontal organizational culture

Free use of vacation

Use of vacation without need to consider the feelings of bosses or co-workers

A system available to make scattered holidays into a long vacation

Designate a working day between holidays to an official closed day available to turn into a long official vacation.

Jeju Olle Program

Provide personal refresh programs for recharging in Jeju Island.

Flexible time system for childcare

Operate a ‘Flexible working hours system’ to employees with children under 9 years of age.

Operate in-house health programs to create a company with healthy employees.

Operate Cafeteria / Donut Time / Health-stair campaign / Smoking cessation campaign / Company club.

Operate programs to support the growth of employees.

Support outside education programs / In-house reading program /In-house book café /Improved proposal system, etc.